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2x Fluted Doors with for Metod 40 x 100cm
2x Oak Drawers for Metod 80 x 40cm
2x Oak Cover Panels for Metod 62 x 88cm
2x Basic Cover Panels for Metod 39.5 x 100cm
1x Basic Plinth for Metod 120 x 8cm

The "finish" drop down menu indicates the finish of the MDF.

Handles (check our hardware section for availability)
The IKEA components required to build this cabinet: 
1x Metod frame 80x60x80cm 
1x Metod frame 80x37x100cm 
Utrustra shelf, Glass 80x37cm (as required)
2x MAXIMERA Drawer rails high 80x60cm
1x Plinth 220x8cm
4x Metod legs 8cm
1x Metod suspension rail, 200cm (cut to size for wall-mounting)

This listing contains all the Fronteriors components needed to create this stylish Metod Fluted Cabinet. Cabinet Measures 84cm wide  x 188cm tall x 62cm deep. PLEASE NOTE: Your order will not include the IKEA frame or hinges. These must be purchased from IKEA directly.

Our Fluted glass doors feature a ribbed/rippled glass that offers a retro architectural detail whilst diffusing light and adding an element of subtle privacy. Available in both our painted and oak veneer finishes. The outer edge of the doors have an MDF core and is sprayed several times for a smooth finish using a high quality paint or clad in our high quality oak veneers. Available in the full Fronteriors colour palette, but limited to a selection of doors sizes intended for kitchen wall cabinets.

Pictured with Black Fluted doors with Oak finish, Black oak drawers, sides and plinth but you can change the colour to your preference using the drop-down menu. Note that all components will be matched to the selected door colour.

  • We recommend adding handles to personalize your doors, but if you prefer a handle-free solution, we suggest using IKEA’s push-open mechanisms. Check our hardware section for handle availability. 
  • Please refer to our resources tab below for assembly guides.
  • Samples boxes can be ordered here.

Bundle ref: STL064


Orders are manufactured and shipped from the UAE and EU in 15 -25 working days. Note that working days do not include weekends and public holidays.


Please note the delivery time is calculated as production lead time + transit time. Transit times will vary depending on your location and the shipping option selected.
Once your order is ready for delivery you will receive an email notification. If you are based outside of the UAE or EU you will be asked to pay custom duties/tax on delivery of your order, in accordance with your country's tariffs. Please view the full shipping information page here. If you have any questions regarding shipping, please reach out to us at here .


Your order is considered final once placed. Because our products – including, but not limited to, doors, tops, sides, plinths, fillers, and panels - are made to order, we do not accept returns. On receipt of delivery, please ensure that you examine the packaging/products for any damages and report any issues at the time of delivery.

Fronteriors is based on a self-assembly principle and as such, we do not provide installation services. If this seems daunting, don’t stress - anyone who can assemble an IKEA piece can do it. You can find our assembly guides here.

We also have a list of trusted partners who you can reach out to for cabinet, wardrobe, and kitchen installations. Find out more here.


Please note that much like solid wood, MDF can exhibit dimensional changes as a result of changes in environment. As such, If wood veneer and MDF isn't acclimated to the ambient relative humidity and temperature, it may expand or contract. It is important therefore to store products on site for a minimum of 24 hours or longer in the environment in which they will be installed. To prevent the wood from undergoing natural shrinkage phenomenon, it is important to moderate the use of air conditioning or heating. If the air is too dry, the wood and painted MDF products may respond with micro-cracks on the surface. On the contrary, if the air is too saturated with humidity, they may expand. 


As cane is a natural, organic material imperfections in colour and consistency of the weave do occur and are considered normal. These are not faults.

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