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We're an online concept that offers a curated collection of doors and other components to take an IKEA kitchen to the next level. Compliment IKEA’s functionality with Fronteriors craftsmanship.

We understand that the design of every new kitchen poses a unique set of challenges, and we’d love to tell you that we have a one-size-fits-all formula for success, however that’s simply not the case. We are here assist you with streamlining the process in a few simple steps. Afterall, your kitchen should suit your unique lifestyle and preferences.

Check out how it works below, if you still have questions about ordering your kitchen? Contact Us


Design your kitchen with the IKEA online kitchen planner tool or in store with one of their consultants. Here are some key points you need to know when planning your kitchen with IKEA.

Once you have the plan, share it with us and start planning and ordering. There is a fee which is redeemable towards your kitchen order. 

Plan your kitchen order

During the planning and ordering service, our kitchen specialist will discuss your kitchen goals and review your plan in order to advise you on the design and discuss the options for your Fronteriors components.

The service includes:

- a detailed quotation for all the required Fronteriors components.

- a design document that includes colour and material options with elevation drawings that detail the placement and orientation of all doors, drawers, fillers and appliances. This document will also serve as a guideline for installation.

If required, additional elevations and/or 3D renders are available for a fee.

Start Planning your Kithcen


Whether you already have an IKEA kitchen or are planning a new one, our kitchen components work specifically with Metod frames so be sure to check that this is what you have / are considering.

You will need to purchase all the frames, internal components, hinges, plinths and appliances (if applicable) from IKEA.


While planning and ordering your kitchen with our kitchen specialist you will receive a full quote. Once you've approved the details we will send an invoice for payment. Production will commence once full payment is received.

See our Indicative Pricing page for example kitchen sizes and associated pricing.


20-25 working days from the time your order is placed.

We do not provide assembly for kitchens but we have a detailed assembly guide and can offer recommendations for trusted contractors (in UAE). Our assembly guide will help both home enthusiasts and professionals complete an easy installation.


Check out our FAQ’s for details regarding anything Fronteriors. 
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