Abu Dhabi delivery restrictions 

26 January 2021: Kindly note that effective immediately and until further notice, we will consolidate our Abu Dhabi deliveries to one or two days per month. This is due to COVID-19 related restrictions and the requirement for PCR tests to travel between Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We apologise in advance for the possible delay in delivering your order. 

Do you ship outside the UAE ?

We currently ship within the GCC and we are in the process of setting up our wider international shipping options. The latter may take some time. In the meantime we are working with a third-party courier to provide quotations based on the specific weight and dimensions of a proposed order. Please DM or send an email for a quote to info@fronteriors.co

Delivery & Installation 

How much do you charge for delivery ? 

Delivery in Dubai is AED100, Abu Dhabi AED350, Sharjah AED150.

How much do you charge for installation ? 

Delivery + Installation services in Dubai cost AED350, Abu Dhabi AED600 and Sharjah AED350. Our installation services only cover the installation of the fronteriors components. For any assistance with your IKEA frame please contact them directly. 

I have ordered my units but I have changed my mind - I don't want to do the DYI bit myself - can I arrange installation at a later date ?

Yes you can! Just send us an email info@fronteriors.co and we will schedule it for you. 

I would love to have a go at the DIY bit myself. Is it easy ? Do you offer instructions ? 

We have designed our products to be as easy as possible for anyone to be able to put them together. Furthermore, all our products come with easy instruction manuals and you can check out our video tutorial here. 

What tools do I need for assembly? 

Our components can be easily assembled with just a screw driver, electric or manual. If you have purchased handles it is handy to have a tape measure with you. 


Orders & Returns 

How long will my order take to arrive ? 

All our units are made to order, we promise a lead time of no more than 10-20 working days unless otherwise stated. If you have an urgent project or deadline, drop us a line at info@fronteriors.co and we will try help as much as we can. 

I have changed my mind, I don't want my order. Can I cancel it ? 

Once you place and pay for an order we have already sent the request to our manufactures and unfortunately cannot make any changes or offer refunds.


Your order is considered final once placed. Because our products – including, but not limited to, doors, tops, sides, plinths, fillers, and panels - are made-to-order, we do not accept returns. This includes all orders on Besta, Pax, Billy, Metod components and miscellaneous parts. We will, however, fix or replace any manufacturer-related imperfection if a claim is made at info@fronteriors.co within three business days of the customer receiving his/her order.

Ikea Frames 

Do I need to secure my unit to the wall ? 

The IKEA frames offer endless combination options so we advise customers to contact them directly for concerns regarding the installation of their frame. 

Which Ikea frame are your components compatible with ?

Our pieces are made for the Billy, Besta, Pax and Metod IKEA system and our product guide shows which ones in particular through their unique IKEA Ref System. If you are still unsure please don't hesitate to ask us info@fronteriors.co

Does your hardware fit a non-Ikea furniture that I have in my home?

Our legs are specifically designed to fit the IKEA units, however our handles and legs are standard and could fit in other furniture pieces however it is best to check with us the length of the holes and other technicalities of your furniture before purchasing. 

What do I need to purchase from Ikea ? 

You will need an IKEA frame to start and the hinges for the doors you order. Some of the frames we have designed are made of more than one frame. You can check out our look book and carefully read the components it is made of before purchasing. When you purchase 2 x Besta frames, IKEA will sell them to you with the necessary screws to mount the units together. You do not have to purchase doors if you are planning on buying them from Fronteriors, however if you are not planning on adding knobs or pulls to your doors you can purchase push open systems from IKEA directly. They are sold separately.  

Care Instructions 

How do I clean my Fronteriors unit ? 

A damp cloth and luke warm water is the best way to clean your unit. Harsh soaps and detergents can damage the surfaces. We also advise to be cautious with our metallic tops and stone tops as they can scratch easily. 

How do I clean my Fronteriors hardware ? 

Our hardware is made of brass so it's best to clean it with a damp cloth and water. You can also use a polish for brassware.