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Studio Clay’s Pottery Studio

It’s true that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but IKEA’s versatility means that it can also be used in a commercial space. In fact, because of the price point, it’s an ideal option for a business. When Studio Clay designed their pottery studio in Abu Dhabi they cleverly combined IKEA frames with Fronteriors doors to provide functional storage and countertop space that’s used as a coffee station and space to display ceramics. Slatted Beige doors paired with Beige handles have created a warm and welcoming work space. 

"Finding fronteriors was a perfect fit and collaboration for our studio space. Neutral clay tones to match the surrounding textures, the style & functionality of the cabinets is essential for our vision. It really brought all the elements we wanted for the space come to life.” - Noura, Studio Clay Co-Founder

We are super impressed with this genius solution. 

Studio Clay Pottery Studio


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