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Masa’s Meadows Kitchen

Masa Fronteriors Kitchen Ikea Metod

We love seeing Fronteriors in your home. When Masa renovated her Meadows home, she selected a combination of Fronteriors doors for her beautiful grey kitchen. She went with our Slatted doors for the wall and tall cabinets and Basic doors for the undercounter ones. We love the sleek combination.

Masa was looking to create a highly functional kitchen in a fairly compact space. Smart space planning and the winning combination of IKEA frames with Fronteriors doors has resulted in a stylish solution that's affordable and durable.

“We recently renovated a Meadows villa and I was thrilled to have discovered Fronteriors as a solution for our kitchen. The option to combine IKEA frames with Fronteriors doors allowed us a lot of flexibility to create a look that we love." - Masa

Our kitchen team can guide you through Fronteriors curated collection of doors, styles, materials and colours to create a kitchen that is your style but easy and more affordable than you think. ⁠



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