Loads of Latte - By Benn Robinson – Fronteriors

Loads of Latte - By Benn Robinson

Latte was inspired by the Middle East - think desert sands, endless dunes, shady retreats and strong coffee.

Dubai-based stylist Benn Robinson has featured Fronteriors in his latest project, creating a serene space that perfectly balances light and shade. The juxtaposition between the delicate Linen Textile and the warmth of the Latte are the perfect compliment to the other neutral pieces in the space. 

Benn upgraded his IKEA Besta with Fronteriors Linen Textile doors in Latte. He also added a top and two sides in Latte to complete the look. Benn shopped this look here, to add all the necessary pieces to his cart easily. 

Latte is available in the entire Fronteriors range, allowing you to combine it with an array of interesting structures and textures.


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