Unsure which frame you have or want to purchase? Pictured below are the IKEA frames our products are designed for.

If you still have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch via - we are here to help.

BILLY 80x202x28

Article no: 002.638.50

BESTA 60x192x40 *

Article no: 002.458.42

BESTA 60x128x40 *

Article no: 402.458.40

BESTA 60x64x40

Article no: 302.458.50

BESTA 120x64x40

Article no: 102.458.46

BESTA 180x64x40 *

Article no: 702.998.79

BESTA 60x38x40

Article no: 702.458.48

BESTA 120x38x40

Article no: 802.945.03

BESTA 180x38x40

Article no: 602.945.04

*These frames are not suitable for hanging. All images ©Inter Ikea Systems B.V.