Kitchens – Fronteriors
1: Pick your frame
2: Pick your Fronteriors
3: Easy installation

Fronteriors kitchen projects are managed on a consultation basis.
If you have or are planning an IKEA kitchen and would like to know more about our range or get a quotation, please request a quote below and someone from our team will be in touch.

Listed hereunder are kitchens in sample sizes with indicative pricing.

Small Kitchen

Design : Door with recessed handles

Fronteriors components  AED 6,310

IKEA components AED 3,342

Quartz countertop AED 6,294

TOTAL AED 15,946

Medium Kitchen

Design : Basic door with brass knobs

Fronteriors components AED 13,515

Quartz countertop AED 8,067

IKEA components AED 6,446

TOTAL AED 28,028

Large Kitchen

Design : Basic door with large handle

Fronteriors components AED 18,245

Quartz countertop AED 9,640

IKEA components AED 8,996

TOTAL AED 36,881

Extra Large Kitchen

Design: Basic door with large handle

Fronteriors components AED 19,520

Quartz countertop AED 17,505

IKEA components AED 9,687

TOTAL AED 46,712

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